Dreaming Into a Reality – At-Home Hair Salon


Blond Ambition Hair Salon

A couple of nights ago, I had a dream that my spare bedroom that I use as a study became a hair salon room. I figure that I already style my hair in that room anyway so why not make it the official room? 🙂 My dreams always turn into passion which turns into reality, thanks be to God!

Hair By Anastasia Salon

At the moment I am not a cosmetologist but I previously worked in that field, not only fulfilling the dream of being the first retail seller of Dominican hair care products in three different states, but also maintaining a reputation as a reputable seller online while interviewing people in that industry (Research and Development, Marketing Managers, etc).

I have been interested in the science of hair care (particularly black hair care) since 2002 (Wow, it’s been almost 10 years since I been at this!). [I’m] Not interested in doing hair other than my own but wouldn’t it be fun to have free classes to teach cosmetologists and clients alike about how to take care of their hair between salon visits in the spare room and in the living room (and serve raw brownies 😉 ?)

Barrie's Hair Salon

The first step will be to move my computer desk out of the room. I am thinking about making my dining room my computer room, or partition the living room to be a living room/dining room. The room is 11’x11’ with a large window and lots of wall space. Here are some of the items that are going to make up my at-home  salon:

SALON HOODED DRYER – I already have this hair dryer at home. I love her so much that everyone knows I call her “my daughter.” Her name is Bianca D’amaris Dominicana, lol. A good-quality salon dryer is well worth the investment because it will take less time to dry your hair under it. My thick, armpit-length hair only takes 45 minutes to dry under my hair dryer and I can use even the biggest rollers (3 in. diameter). I just have to get her fixed. 😦

SALON CHAIR – I am debating on getting a salon chair. I don’t have a problem using the plastic chair that I already have but I do want the room to look professional.

SALON CABINET AND DRAWER – I have a white plastic drawer set, however, I’d love a salon cabinet and mirror set. I can put my products in there, have a place to put my CHI flat iron and other accessories. That way, the plastic drawer set can be used for rollers only.

SHELVING- The wall shelves will feature my favorite hair care products. I no longer sell products but displaying them would give my house-guests the opportunity to learn about them. I am in love with Silk Dreams Hair Care Products made by an acquaintance on the  Long Hair Care Forum.

There are many natural hair care products that I love too, such as Aubrey Organics Conditioners and products from the Dominican Republic! I am debating on getting another bookshelf solely for hair products. A nail polish shelf would also be great to hang on the wall.

FRAMED PAINTINGS –  I am currently viewing framed photos online that have hair salon themes, both modern and vintage. I don’t really have a theme or color scheme yet besides the appliances and shelving being black. Here are some photos I’m thinking about purchasing:

I’m not much of a fan of TV so I am unsure if I am going to have a TV set in my salon. A portible Ipod player would be nice, blasting my favorite Milly Quezada and Israel Houghton tracks, lol.

Other Decorations:

  • Curtain
  • Large floor mat
  • Possible ceiling lamp (chandelier type) and tall lamp
  • Additional desk and or small end table
  • Extra comfy chairs or small couch/futon
  • Flowers and vases

How am I going to get this stuff? Easy!

1. Used items from salons that have gone out of business.
2. Craigslist.org.
3. Word of mouth.
4. Ebay.com

So the dream is there—the passion is there. Now all I need to do is set goals to make it a reality. What’s your dream? The bible says that we should write the vision and make it plain. Many business corporations do well because they not only have a vision, but they understand it and believe in it too. What are you believing in the Lord for? Write it down, pray, and watch it manifest! God bless!


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