About Aceey Emme


I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. Aceey Emme is the phonetic pronounciation of my initials. I began cooking around age 7 and never stopped experimenting (yes, I did set the kitchen on fire once as a child and then did a “Michael Jackson” on my hair). I enjoy international travel and learning about different cooking methods from all over the world while learning the cooks’ culture. I have experience in East Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, East and West African, and of course, Creole cuisine. I also have experience in Ayurvedic herbs and healing.

I also enjoy music! I am a vocalist that has also played several different instruments. I’m one of those nerds that actually enjoy reading music in the library. I love music theory and learning new things about music through networking. What do I sing about? Jesus! He really has changed my life for the better so I sing about him all the time.

I love Health and Beauty (especially hair care). I am a former seller of hair care products from the Dominican Republic and have been featured on several hair care websites such as Long Hair Care Forum.  I love sharing with people tips on hair, skin and nail care. In addition, I lost 61 lbs so I’m always rooting people to get on the bandwagon to punch Diabetes in the face and High Blood Pressure in the gut!

I also like interviewing people and writing about them, writing their thoughts… especially ones that do not know how to read or write.

I enjoy helping people, networking, and receiving help from others. It is a pleasure to meet you! I currently live in Arizona, but I love talking with people all over the world about the love of the Lord and how I’ve been blessed.


4 thoughts on “About Aceey Emme

  1. Patricia Matthews

    I’m new to your blog! It’s very interesting; I will pass this own to others. I’m really interested in the hair section. I am now ready to start doing something about my moss! Thanks so much for all the valuable info on everything in your blog!!

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